5 Automation Challenges Facing Today’s Workforce: Salary Loss, Job Automation, Lack Of Data Literacy, & More

Posted on March 29, 2019 by Colaberry, Inc. .

5 Automation Challenges Facing Today’s Workforce: Salary Loss, Job Automation, Lack Of Data Literacy & More

The Relentless Pace of Automation


There are many serious automation challenges facing today’s workforce including salary loss, job automation, lack of data literacy, and more. Are you prepared?

Job automation is making its way into industries and organizations across the globe, and while some are making the switch and thriving, there still is a long way to go to upskill today’s workforce. McKinsey reports that up to 800 million global workers will lose their jobs by 2030 as a result of automation, and Gartner hails data literacy as the must-have skill in order to protect yourself against automation.

Millions of employees still lack confidence in their ability to read, work, and analyze data. This statistic proves that Colaberry Inc’s data analytics and data science courses are necessary. Automation is relentless and is moving at breakneck speed. The key is to be prepared before it hits your job! Today’s workforce just isn’t equipped to solve today’s large-scale data problems and avoid job losses and automation.

Additionally, companies are streamlining overall business processes. Career automation and a lack of data literacy skills are extremely important issues that need to be addressed and resolved by today’s employees in order to survive the automation curve. These automation challenges are extremely dangerous, and without the proper skills, employees won’t be able to avoid job loss.

Data science is a field that involves many different skill sets. Some of these skills are considered “human skills,” while others involve understanding programming architecture and the ability to organize, understand, and present mission-critical information in a format that is actionable for decision-makers.

 5 Key Automation Challenges Facing Today’s Workforce

1) Salary Loss Due To Job Automation

A new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research aims to add some solid numbers to the automation crisis, looking at the historical effects of robots and automation on employment in the United States.

Economists Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo studied the labor market in the United States and found that each new robot added to the workforce meant the loss of between 3 and 5.6 jobs in the local commuting area. Also, for each new robot added per 1,000 workers, wages in the surrounding area would fall between 0.25 and 0.5 percent. This means that not only are positions and jobs being eliminated but average wages and salaries are dropping big time. This is a nightmare for workers who are not data-literate or trained in data science!

2) Upskilling Tough But Necessary To Survive

According to McKinsey, “375 million workers—or roughly 14 percent of the global workforce—may need to switch occupational categories as digitization, automation, and advances in artificial intelligence disrupt the world of work. The kinds of skills companies require will shift, with profound implications for the career paths individuals will need to pursue.” Upskilling is necessary and workers need to face the fact that the automation curve is already cutting through jobs and eliminating redundant positions. These jobs are being replaced by robots or programs that can do the job faster and more efficiently.  

Upskilling is incredibly important to the modern workforce not only to preserve salaries but to help ensure that the most vulnerable aren’t forgotten and have the chance to succeed in what will be the radically different Future of Work.


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3) Lack of Data Literacy Skills is a Huge Deal Breaker

Data illiteracyis one of the leading factors that contributes to the decision of where jobs are automated and a team of employees is cut loose. Outside of the tech industry, this seems to be an unknown phrase. Automation is focused on streamlining and using data to inform decisions.

Those who are not prepared for this will face a huge challenge in the industries of the future. In fact, most people do not understand what data really is and just how important it is to today’s evolving enterprises. Throughout this article, we will give you tips and relevant, career-guiding advice to help bulletproof your job from being one of the many that will be eliminated.

4) Human Skills Extremely Important in Work of the Future Driven by AI


Human skills are broad capabilities in self-awareness, problem-solving and critical thinking. These are extremely important as companies will be retaining and hiring not only those who can code but those who exhibit these often overlooked skills. Human skills can be broken down into three broad categories:

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Essential Core Skills

  • Career Readiness Skills

Employees need to be able to adapt, exhibit interpersonal skills, and be able to think critically on the fly. Most employees within the workforce hold few, if any, of these abilities.

Colaberry Inc. provides training in each of these specific domains to ensure that you will be prepared and ready for the Future of Work.

5) Core Technical Skills Important for Long-Term Potential

Core technical skills are skills such as being able to code and interpret large amounts of data, present this data in an easily interpreted fashion, and use it to drive positive changes within organizations. Most employees don’t have the background in statistics, programming, or even the fundamentals of modern platforms such as Tableau, R, or MS SQL. The workforce needs an innovative solution and Colaberry Inc. has built a set of courses built on the Refactored.ai platform, which has led to over 800+ successful alumni joining the data science field.

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Colaberry Inc: Bridging the Skills Gap with Innovative Training


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Our courses, whether online or on-campus, are built to provide you with a community of instructors, students, and alumni who are driven — from day 1 — to help you reach your goals.

Some of the benefits our program offers students include specialized group discussions, online and class-specific forums where you can chat with fellow students or get your questions answered by industry-seasoned instructors, and popular on-campus and online events such as our Virtual Open Houses and Guest Speaker events. Our students also come away from our program with lifelong friends and a network of amazing colleagues they can count on in the future.

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Refactored.ai’s interactive, on-demand data training platform provides a scalable solution to keep workforce skills current and relevant in the midst of rapid technological advancement.

The Refactored platform offers unlimited opportunities to develop agile, adaptable talent and data-thinkers, grasp and immediately apply AI concepts and skills, and build high-performing data science teams. Refactored.ai also offers the critical transitional steps required to seamlessly convert to an AI-powered organization.

As a team of passionate data scientists committed to making a social impact, we firmly believe that innovation and technology should bring people together; it should not create larger divides and opportunity gaps. Refactored.ai will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed - regardless of age, race, education, income, or skill level.  


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