7 Simply Shocking Data Science Salaries: Exactly Why You Need To Train For This Hot Career Today!

Posted on October 30, 2018 by Colaberry, Inc. .

Data science is one of the most in demand career fields and seeing as the broader workforce is undergoing massive automation, and according to the World Economic Forum a net 5 million jobs will be cut by 2020, today seems like the perfect time to discuss seven simply shocking data science salaries that you can take advantage of right now (if you become a trained data scientist, that is). AI and automation are creeping up on companies and cutting employees’ jobs by the thousands which makes us ask the question: why?

Data illiteracy is one of the largest factors that contributes to the decision of where jobs are automated and a team of employees is cut loose. This seems to be a relatively unknown phrase. In fact, most people do not understand the extent of what data really is and how important it is to today’s evolving enterprises.

Future of Work: Today’s Companies ‘On the Hunt’ For Data Literate Employees

Employers are looking to fill their roles with employees who understand how to sort, categorize, and convey data in a readable format and across many industries reports have shown that is a severe lack of this skill. Some roles such as those described below are already creeping up and hiring managers are on the hunt to fill them fast.

Which Jobs Roles are Important?

  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Modeler
  • Data Architect

Data Science Starting Salaries: Higher Than Ever!

Bureau of Labor Statistics figures show that under the Computer and Mathematical Operations job category, there are currently 4.2 million positions filled across the United States with a median wage of $84,560 per year. This leaves quite a few jobs left to be filled (which explains why the salaries are so high for this exciting, lesser known, job).

Data scientists gather large collections of abstract data and make sense out of them by categorizing and organizing them in a way that managers and leaders of organizations can then understand and make decisions with. These reports can be graphs, dynamic charts, or dashboards built from the ground up using a multitude of programming languages such as Python and R.

Data scientists are some of the brightest minds in the IT industry and bring many different types of skills to the table as they accomplish their tasks. Both hard skills such as programming knowledge and soft skills such as interpersonal skills and knowing how to present data in a succinct fashion are critically important to master this job role. With all of this complexity and skill required to perform this role, qualified job candidates are a scarcity and this has driven up the salary numbers for this gem of a career.

Data Scientist: How Much Can You Expect To Get Paid?

Forbes has collected some of the most shocking starting salaries in the data science career field. Each of these companies is a leader in its own field and, after graduating from Colaberry, you too can be confident you have the skills to successfully navigate a data science career.

1. Data Scientist, Lyft $167,000

Lyft is a revolutionary rideshare application that is modeled off Uber.

2. Data Scientist, Core Data Science, Facebook  $159,000


Facebook is one of the major social media brands and data scientists here sift through a copious amount of user and application data to find specific metrics to help managers make decisions.

3. Data Scientist , Amazon  $151,000


Amazon is one of the largest online retailers and data scientists handle user data, shopping/purchasing trends and more. Thousands of transactions a second are routed through Amazon’s servers and there are possibly millions of data sets that need to be maintained and sifted through. This could be a great job for someone interested in data science.

4. Data Scientist - Anti-Fraud Walmart eCommerce, Wal-Mart  $140,000


Walmart is a multinational retail giant which processes thousands of transactions in its million stores around the globe. Data scientists help to do a myriad of functions including those similar to Amazon and other retail corporations.

5. Data Scientist, Intuit  $128,000

Intuit is known for its Turbotax software but also handles a broad range of other financial management software and suites.

6. Data Scientist, eBay  $137,000


Everyone has head about eBay! They are the bargain auction site which made it through the 90’s and is still going strong. Data scientists at eBay monitor auction results and user behavior among other aspects.

7. Data Scientist/Modeler, Morgan Stanley $105,000

Morgan Stanley, a titan on Wall Street, has thousands of transactions a second that it monitors and its data scientists need to be especially adept at  surviving in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment where even the smallest error can throw someone into financial ruin.

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Current salary data for Information Technology and Data Science positions can be found at: https://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes150000.htm



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