Colaberry Hosts Alumni Day To Celebrate Outstanding Achievements of Grads

Posted on October 28, 2019 by Colaberry, Inc. .

If you have read any of our past Alumni Success Stories (homelessness survivor Mika Hopson, military veteran Adrian Lujo, or teacher turned data rockstar Addie Mack), you’ll know that this alumni event would be well-attended and feature some of the most amazing life transitions you could ever hear.


This event was a chance for our alumni to meet up and share professional insights, discuss career transitions, and reconnect with other successful alumni.  

Colaberry-Hosts-Alumni-Day2In addition, the event included a professional photographer who took professional headshots of all the alumni in attendance to share on their social profiles and professional networks. Plenty of food and drinks were served while attendees networked together. Attendees were given stylish Colaberry gear, such as shirts, backpacks, and mugs. 

Each of the alumni then presented his or her amazing story of how Colaberry’s program changed his or her life. The amount of stories that were shared and the level of success graduates achieved was simply astounding, and the crowd erupted in applause. 

After the exciting presentations, attendees were treated like royalty and led down a red carpet where they made lasting Colaberry-Hosts-Alumni-Day3memories in a gif picture booth that printed out photos right away. Throughout the night, Colaberry’s amazing platform was highlighted and discussed. The power of the Colaberry community and the suite of products being developed encouraged unity among the group.  It was so amazing to reunite the graduates of our programs and hear them speak about their experiences in data science.    

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Our Program 

Colaberry has been providing one-of-a-kind, career-oriented training in data analytics and data science since 2012. We offer instructor-led onsite and online classes. Learn with us in person, on our campus in Plano, Texas or remotely from the comfort of your home. We have helped over 5,000 people to transform their lives with our immersive bootcamp-style programs.


In-Demand Skills

Colaberry training programs equip you with in-demand tech and human skills.  Our up-to-date lessons and carefully crafted curriculum set you up for success from day one. Throughout the training and the job search, our mentors will support and guide you as you transition into a fast-paced and exciting field of data analytics and data science. 


Project-Based Learning

Our programs integrate projects that are based on real-world scenarios to help you master a new concept, tool or skill. We work with you to build your portfolio to showcase your skills and achievements. 


Award Winning Learning Platform

You will be learning using our homegrown technology platform Refactored AI that is recognized as “Most Promising Work of the Future Solution” in a global competition by MIT SOLVE. Our platform also received General Motors “Advanced Technology” prize and McGovern Foundation’s “Artificial Intelligence for Betterment of Humanity” prize. 


Placement Assistance

Colaberry’s program, platform and ecosystem empowers you with skills that you need to succeed in your job interviews and transition into a high paying careers. Over one-third of Colaberry graduates receive job offers after their first in-person interview. We provide you continuous mentoring and guidance until you land your job, along with post-placement support for twelve months so that you not only survive but thrive in your career.  


Financial Aid

At Colaberry, we strive to create opportunities for all. We work with each individual to ensure the cost of the training does not hold anyone back from becoming future-ready. We offer various payment plans, payment options and scholarships to work with the financial circumstances of our learners. 


Military Scholarship

Colaberry is committed to supporting men and women who have served our country in uniform. As part of this commitment, we offer military scholarships to enable active-duty and retired military members to transition into civilian life. We have already helped numerous veterans by creating a pathway to rewarding and exciting careers in data science and data analytics. We hold alumni events, and provide an extensive support system and a strong community of veterans to help our students succeed. Contact our enrollment team to find out more about how we can help you. 

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