Colaberry Offers Military Financial Aid: Closing Skills Gap & Improving Transition To Civilian Life

Posted on October 01, 2019 by Colaberry, Inc. .

Name: Adrian Lujan

Company: Professional Staffing Firm

Post-Colaberry Salary Increase: 300%


Interview Responses:

Colaberry: How did you hear about Colaberry? 

Adrian Lujan: Craigslist. 


What do you think people should know about you? 

I was born in Mexico and enlisted in the military after high school. I served in active duty and reserves with one tour in Afghanistan. In 2010, I retired from the military as a Sergeant. 


Did you take advantage of any scholarships or financial aid at Colaberry? 

Yes, I received the military discount.


If so, how did that financial aid help you in your efforts to enroll and complete the program? 

It helped me pursue the program without delay by reducing the financial burden of the full cost. 


Was anyone instrumental in helping you reach your current level of success? 

My brother-in-law helped me significantly. He also took the Colaberry course and guided me through new learning materials and concepts.


Why did you decide to enroll in the Colaberry School of Data Analytics?

The program provided a very clear roadmap to success: from learn-by-doing style of teaching to a rigorous interview prep. 


AdrianMilitaryDid you face any challenges during the program? Did Colaberry’s team help you overcome them? 

While working 50-hour weeks, I very much relied on the recordings of the lessons and being able to follow a flexible learning schedule. 


How did your service in the military prepare you for the Colaberry training program? It took me 7 months to go from my first day at the military to the day I arrive to my unit in Washington, DC. It took almost the same amount of time to go through the Colaberry program and find a job in my new field.  I became accustomed to hands-on learning at the military, so this approach was already very familiar to me when I joined Colaberry.  


Were you a part of the veteran community at Colaberry?

When I started my training at Colaberry, I was the only veteran student there at that time. I ended up referring Colaberry to another friend from my military unit, who is not a BI developer. 


Did you have any prior experience in the tech or data field? 

I did not have any experience in either of these fields. However, I was a licensed nurse, which has helped me when working with medical data. 


What course did you complete at Colaberry?

I completed their Data Analytics course. 


How do you think you benefited most from the Colaberry training? 

The program equipped me with the knowledge and skills to move into a career I love. My very reasonable financial colaberry-offers-military-scholarships-adrian2investment in the program resulted in a significant income growth and provided me with an opportunity to have certain  flexibility in my work and time for my family, friends and hobbies.  


Has Colaberry helped you reach your financial goals? 

Absolutely. I remember doubting if the training was enough to perform well in the workforce. In fact, the training prepared me more than I had expected. And it has significantly improved my life. It would have taken me many more years and a lot of money to get the salary I have now while pursuing nursing. My current job allows me to work from home and pursue other  passions, such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo.


Did Colaberry program equip you with any “non-technical” skills, such as effective communication, public speaking, etc.?

The program definitely improved my job interview and communication skills. This is yet  another valuable benefit of Colaberry.  


How did those skills help you get a job? 

If you don’t interview well, you don’t get a job. As simple as that. Colaberry prepared me to interview well, which was critical in getting my first job. 


colaberry-offers-military-scholarships-adrian3Would you recommend Colaberry to others? If yes, why? 

I wholeheartedly recommend Colaberry. Their program is not just a promise. It works.  


Were you able to benefit from the Income  Shared Agreement payment option?

This option was not yet available during my training. But I can see the value it brings to low-income students. I am all for it!


Would you ever consider returning to Colaberry to take more classes? 



What do you find most enjoyable about your current position? 

Flexible work hours and the ability to work from home.


Do you have any final thoughts or advice to prospective or current Colaberry  students? 

DO NOT QUIT! Your goal is near! If you are a veteran- use those mental skills and endurance you developed during your military training.

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Military Financial Aid

Colaberry is committed to supporting men and women who have served our country in uniform. As a part of this commitment, we created Military Scholarships to enable active-duty and retired military members to transition into civilian life. We have already helped numerous veterans by creating a pathway to a rewarding and exciting careers in data science and data analytics. We hold alumni events, and provide an extensive support system and a strong community of veterans to help our students succeed. Contact our enrollment team to find out more about how we can help you meet your dreams. 


Industry-oriented knowledge

With Colaberry, you will gain a unique set of skills that will put you ahead of the pack due to our focus on providing up-to-date knowledge and a curriculum written to fit right into even the most fast-paced job roles so you can hit the ground running.  

Flexible Curriculum


Colaberry provides short intensives to help you upskill and specialize yourself in the exact skills companies are looking for in those they employ. We offer online and on-campus programs in multiple locations such as Texas, California, and more.


We Work With Your Finances

We want to ensure that your financial health isn’t a barrier to you attending classes. We offer flexible programs, payment plans, and counseling to make things easier on our students.


Real World Project & Portfolio Experience

Each of our classes integrates a project based on a real-world scenario helping you to grasp some of the most critical job skills that employers are hungry for. We work with you to build a digital portfolio that you can present to employers to demonstrate your competencies in a variety of highly in-demand areas of expertise.  


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