Colaberry Inc. & CEO Ram Katamaraja Invited as Panel Speaker at Harvard Business School

Posted on February 27, 2019 by Colaberry, Inc. .


Colaberry Inc. & CEO Ram Katamaraja Invited as Panel Speaker at Harvard Business School

Session Title: Underrepresented Voices in Social Entrepreneurship

Date: Saturday, March 2nd, 1 PM - 2:10 PM 
Location: Harvard Business School, 100 Western Ave, Boston.
Session Title: Underrepresented Voices in Social Entrepreneurship


Colaberry Inc. and is proud to announce that our CEO, Ram Katamaraja, has been invited to participate as a panel speaker for the Underrepresented Voices in Social Entrepreneurship session at the Harvard Business School, sponsored by the The Resolution Project.

The panel will address the fact that 80% of entrepreneurs are white, 65% are male, and 88% of ventures are created in urban areas. It aims to feature diverse voices who can offer a more varied portrayal of social entrepreneurship in America.



Maura AlvarezFounder & CEO, Project Shaman, Resolution Fellow

Michelle DalzonFounder, theBOM

Ram KatamarajaCo-Founder,

Gervase AdamsFounder & Director, Komaale Initiative, Resolution Fellow



Jen FieldSocial Impact Director, GLG



Although social entrepreneurship is on the rise, members of marginalized groups still face manifold obstacles to starting their own ventures, such as a systemic lack of support and resources. The pervasiveness of these challenges is made evident by the underrepresentation of minority groups in entrepreneurship in the United States, where once again, more than 80% of entrepreneurs are white, 65% are male, and 88% of ventures are created in urban areas—statistics that do not reflect the diversity of this country.

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Resolution initially partnered with Harvard World Model United Nations (“WorldMUN”), an annual youth summit, which brings together more than 2,000 young leaders from around the world.

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