Event Spotlight: Colaberry Holds QlikView Bootcamp at UT Dallas - Sept. 29, 2018

Posted on October 05, 2018 by Colaberry, Inc. .

Colaberry held a Qlikview bootcamp at UT Dallas on September 29, 2019 featuring industry leaders and data scientist such as Ali Muwwakkil.

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Colaberry School of Data Analytics offers bootcamp courses in the most in-demand skills in the technology industry today. Skills such as QlikView, data analysis, and business intelligence architecture are a few of the many courses that prospective students can choose from to change their lives. One major benefit to these courses is that they fit within a busy schedule as they can be taken on-campus or online.



Caption: Attendees enjoyed question and answer sessions as well we discussions with industry experts.

Automation Is Coming

Today’s workforce is struggling to keep up with the evolving push towards automation and increasing concerns revolving around “brain drain” and America’s devastatingly unprepared workforce. Colaberry Labs has developed an innovative solution to this growing problem. Colaberry has spent thousands of hours analyzing market trends and sifting through mounds of data in hopes of streamlining the training process for future data scientists and “data thinkers” alike..

By 2030, AI and machine learning will have taken a firm grasp on the future workforce ushering in a huge skills gap for those underrepresented backgrounds which today seem to be just skating by or not faring well at all. The AI sector is reported to be growing to a value of over $13 trillion by 2030.

Empowering Employees: Focusing on Real World Scenarios & Actionable Skills


 Caption: Ali Muwwakkil, Data Scientist, discussed current industry trends and QlikView

Colaberry focuses on empowering traditionally low-tech, and mid-career, employees to evolve and move into the work of the future. This bootcamp brought together industry leader in Data Science and focused on improving the tech readiness of the status quo.

Industry leaders were paired them with a highly-engaged and motivated audience with the goal of improving knowledge and helping these students succeed. The discussion was focused on QlikView, a popular tool in the technology world, while also being an in-demand skills for today’s hiring managers.

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UT Dallas, and Texas in general, is a hub of highly-qualified professionals who are geared towards self-improvement and up-skilling. The attendees at this event were no different. Attendees enjoyed access to question and answer sessions focusing on the most in-demand skills, today’s tech trends, and an overview of the way QlikView is improving the landscape of future tech.

Getting Hands Dirty in QlikView

Attendees were also given the chance to work together on real world data science scenarios that would help them expand their knowledge, skill-sets, and broaden their understanding of QlikView and data science. There even was the announcement of a Hackathon competition.

No matter what the industry does, change is coming for the tech workforce. Colaberry and UT Dallas have begun to light a fire in the workforce and to fight against the knowledge disparity of the future.

Colaberry still has space in our November course on Business Intelligence Analysis. Contact us today to enroll.


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