Learn Data Science Online: 7 Reasons Why Tech Companies Are Hiring Data Scientists Now!

Posted on March 06, 2019 by Colaberry, Inc. .

Learn Data Science Online: 7 Reasons Why Tech Companies Are Hiring Data Scientists Now!


The automation and elimination of workers’ jobs is a popular topic in almost all areas of the world economy. According to McKinsey, in the US alone, between 39 and 73 million jobs stand to be automated within the next 5 years, which is around a third of the total workforce. Most of these jobs are being automated by robots. Additionally, companies are streamlining overall business processes.

Career automation and a lack of data literacy are extremely important issues that need to be addressed and resolved by today’s tech workforce. Companies desperately need to adapt current teams and attract new talent to a new world built from two words: data science.


Benefits of Studying Online

  • Studying online gives you more flexibility

  • Flexible schedule and environment

  • Lower costs and debts

  • Build self-discipline and responsibility

  • Diverse choice of course topics

Location, Location, Location?

Finding the time to go back to school can be especially difficult for families today. Colaberry’s courses are filled with both entry-level and mid-career professionals looking to move into new careers or take their current profession to the next level.

Some of our most accomplished graduates faced major issues, life events, and obstacles that made finding the time to attend courses and studies challenging. However, Colaberry found a way to create courses that can be taken from anywhere using our powerful educational platform Refactored.ai. Our graduates persevered, despite the challenges they faced, because they knew their sacrifices would pay off: tech companies are seeking out data scientists, and getting hired would change their lives. Read on to learn the 7 reasons why tech companies are hiring data scientists now.

Why is Data Science Such a Hot Career?

1. Demand-Supply Gap: Huge Shortage of Qualified TalentData-Scientists-Gap-in-US-Canada-Learn-Data-Science-Online

The demand for data-literate employees is now at an all-time high and only growing larger with each passing day. Hundreds of thousands of jobs need to be filled with very few data scientists and analysts being fully trained to fill this gap in the workforce.

Despite data scientist being called the #1 job by Glassdoor, businesses across the nation need 151,717 more data scientists right now. Now is the best time to enter the data science field with Colaberry’s courses on data analytics. These courses can be completed from anywhere, on your own schedule, and you decide: online or on-campus.  

Which Data Science Jobs Roles are In Demand?

  • Data Scientist

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Data Modeler

  • Data Architect

Today’s employees need to become data-literate and gain skills that will last a lifetime. Are you committed to improving your life? It is time for you to beat the automation curve that is already absorbing and cutting jobs as we speak.

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2. Companies Are Desperate to Find High-Quality Employees Trained in Data Science To Beat The Automation Curve

Companies are scrounging to find the most qualified candidates to take their organizations forward and respond to the Automation Curve. Data scientists gather large collections of abstract data and make sense out of them by organizing them in a way that managers and leaders of organizations can understand and make decisions with. These reports can be graphs, dynamic charts, or dashboards built from the ground up using a multitude of programming languages such as SQL, Python and R.

Colaberry School of Data Analytics courses walk students through real-world projects, and this can be done anywhere – even online. Our courses provide you with the skills and project experience necessary to set you apart when you are in front of an interviewer. The automation curve is looking to eliminate positions filled by people who aren’t data-literate. You can study from anywhere with Colaberry’s Refactored.ai platform, even from the comfort of your very own living room.

Some of the benefits of studying online are very obvious: you won’t have to leave your favorite chair while you study and can enjoy all the soft drinks you’d like. There are, however, some very important factors that help you maintain focus if you’re studying online: you can spend more time with your family, you won’t waste time driving to your classes, and you can use this extra time to focus on improving your data science knowledge and skills.


3. Data Scientists Bring a Multitude of Skills to the Table

Data scientists make invaluable contributions to their organizations. They sift through and analyze huge amounts of information, compiling it into actionable datasets and formatting data into reports, so leaders can make informed decisions and drive their organizations forward.

Naturally, hard skills (i.e. programming knowledge) are critical, but what really differentiates successful data scientists are their soft, interpersonal skills, especially knowing how to succinctly present and communicate the data to others. Due to the complexity and skills required to perform this role, qualified job candidates are a scarcity, and this has driven up the salary numbers.


4. Data Science Can Be Completed Anywhere

Not only can Colaberry’s data analytics courses be completed anywhere, the field itself is full of people working online, from remote areas, or even as “digital nomads.” Companies use collaboration tools such as Zoom, GitHub, and, of course, Google’s suite of tools to collaborate on projects and innovate in a streamlined way.

Data scientists who graduate from Colaberry’s Data Analytics program are trained in the most up-to-date tools, including the powerful Refactored.ai, an innovative educational platform designed to improve retention of the most job-oriented skills, be they technical or soft skills.


5. Organizations Continue to Face Enormous Challenges in Organizing Data

Every job includes data in some form or another – from the amount of new customers or clients to the amount of website visitors and even how many sales were made within a specific quarter. Companies want to know that you have the skills to analyze and interpret data and then present it in an actionable way.

This kind of thinking and skillset is something that Colaberry will train you in. We pride ourselves on the thousands of jobs we’ve helped our graduates earn. The skills that we help our students build are hot and in-demand. The salaries are top-notch for the students who are focused and willing to differentiate themselves by taking on the best that Colaberry has to offer. Are you ready to improve your life?

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6. The Need for Data Scientists Is No Longer Restricted to Tech Giants


It used to be that only large companies such as Apple, Google, or Microsoft were in need of data-literate employees. Well, the automation curve is fast approaching, and it brings with it the realization that even the smallest organizations need to adapt to the new data-aware culture.

Major companies, large and small, need to retain qualified candidates to upskill their workforce, and you could be one of those. The costs of product creation and dissemination are becoming very cheap, and companies need to maximize the laser-thin profit they have to build a dynamic, flexible workforce that can sort through the thousands of data points that affect even the smallest shops. These data points can literally make the difference between them closing up shop or staying open in six months. ?The competitive landscape is moving at breakneck speed, and jobs are increasingly transitioning from service-oriented to data-oriented. Are you upskilled enough to survive?

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Data Science Starting Salaries: Higher Than Ever!

Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that under the Computer and Mathematical Operations job category, there are currently 4.2 million positions filled across the United States with a median wage of $84,560 per year. This leaves quite a few jobs that still need to be filled (which explains why the salaries are so high for this exciting, lesser known job).


7. Automation Curve Will Take Away 800,000 Jobs within the Next 5 Years

The automation curve is closing in on employees, and most do not know how to protect themselves. Now is the time for you to take steps to improve your life and really take hold of the opportunities in front of you. This is your chance to make new technical skills, build powerful soft skills, and double your salary… the choice is clear.


5 Powerful Benefits You’ll Gain from Colaberry’s Online Courses

  • Become data-literate

  • Develop powerful soft skills and learn how to communicate effectively

  • Build experience on your resume: real-world project experience sets you apart!

  • Gain experience in the most powerful platforms such as Refactored.ai, SQL, and Tableau

  • Develop the confidence and skills to successfully navigate large, complex data science projects with ease


Inside Refactored.ai, MIT Solve Award-Winning Platform

Colaberry’s education is built upon the powerful Refactored.ai educational platform. Refactored is an award-winning, interactive and on-demand data science and analytics career-training platform. Through a learn-by-doing approach, personalized learning paths, real-time data assessments and AI-driven feedback, learners are able to immediately grasp and apply new skills at all stages of their career.


Refactored.ai’s interactive, on-demand data training platform provides a scalable solution to keep workforce skills current and relevant in the midst of rapid technological advancement. The platform offers unlimited opportunity to develop agile, adaptable talent and data thinkers, grasp and immediately apply AI concepts and skills, and build high-performing data science teams.

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Industry-oriented knowledge

With Colaberry, you will gain a unique set of skills that will put you ahead of the pack due to our focus on providing up-to-date knowledge and a curriculum written to fit right into even the most fast-paced job roles, so you can hit the ground running.  


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