: Innovative Solution from Colaberry Labs Emerges as Finalist in SOLVE @ MIT Global Competition

Posted on September 20, 2018 by Colaberry, Inc. .

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 Innovative Solution from Colaberry Labs Emerges as Finalist in SOLVE @ MIT Global Competition


Solving the globe’s most complex problems is something that the prestigious university Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is synonymous with. Every day you will hear of a new ground-breaking discovery coming from an MIT researcher or faculty member. This time, that groundbreaking innovation is coming from Colaberry Labs.

MIT SOLVE 2018: Colaberry’s Chance To Shine 


MIT is no place for weak ideas or shaky, unproven, theories. The competitors are top notch and Colaberry brought a distinct intellectual curiosity to the challenge. Refactored is a practical and scalable solution that combines ease of use with a sleek user-oriented design. Colaberry beat out over 1,000 different companies in this year’s 2018 MIT SOLVE challenge to advance into the Finalist category.

The contest brings together thought leaders and innovative teams poised at solving humanity’s most complex problems. These solutions ranged from tackling global epidemics on the Frontlines of Health all the way to Colaberry’s groundbreaking solution in the Work of the Future. Teams have hundreds of hours perfecting their submissions and ideas with Colaberry being led by innovator Ram Dhan Yadav Katamaraja. is brain child of Ram and Paul Bilodeau, now CEO of ( and company. “By 2030 as many as 375 million workers - or roughly 14 percent of the global workforce - may need to switch occupational categories as digitization, automation, and advances in artificial intelligence disrupt the world of work.” (The Mckinsey Global Institute). answers this concern with its focus on skilling up today’s workforce for tomorrow’s most substantial challenges.

Today’s workforce is struggling to keep up with the evolving push towards automation and increasing concerns revolving around “brain drain” and America’s devastatingly unprepared workforce. Colaberry Labs has developed an innovative solution to this growing problem. Colaberry has spent thousands of hours analyzing market trends and sifting through mounds of data in hopes of streamlining the training process for future data scientists and “data thinkers” alike..

By 2030, AI and machine learning will have taken a firm grasp on the future workforce ushering in a huge skills gap for those underrepresented backgrounds which today seem to be just skating by or not faring well at all. The AI sector is reported to be growing to a value of over $13 trillion by 2030 which underscores the need for Refactored and the training courses at Colaberry School of Data Analytics.


Core Benefits of

  • Refactored is a learn-by-doing platform designed to take complex problems and break them down into manageable concepts
  • Refactored can be adopted by any organization to create AI culture
  • In-depth feedback is provided in Refactored which aides users to adapt in real-time cutting down lag time for future organizations
  • Data-driven decisions are easier to make as employees become ‘data thinkers’ faster
Improving Outcomes For Underrepresented Backgrounds

The Colaberry School of Data Analytics provides pathways into data analytics careers through training, mentoring, and job placement at scale through its platform. Colaberry programs were created with the goal of training individuals from typically underrepresented backgrounds and helping them to begin careers in the data science field.

The world of data science and business intelligence is moving forward rapidly and business owners need to make hiring and resource decisions at breakneck speeds. A financial decision that was once hammered out over a two-day set of meetings twenty years ago, now needs to be made within seconds. This is where refactored shines. combines cost-saving on-demand training for the most in-demand skills while keeping learning manageable. Team building and “groupthink” exercises prepare even the most shy employees for dynamic and complex data-driven discussions. Simply put, refactored address the most challenging problems of the 21st century and beyond.

If MIT SOLVE trusts Refactored as a finalist solution to address a global crisis such as workforce automation and challenging the status quo,


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