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Posted on February 11, 2019 by Colaberry, Inc. . by Colaberry at the United Nations


It has been four months since we became an MIT SOLVER. Over those months, our team has met supportive mentors, passionate innovators, and inspirational leaders. We have also taken on exciting opportunities to be a part of a global conversation on automation and the future of work.

One such opportunity took place on January 15, 2019. We traveled to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to present our work and the Refactored platform at UNITAR's “Future Ready Skills: Helping Workers to Thrive in a Time of Rapid Technological Change." This session was designed specifically to prepare dignitaries of member nations and UN staff members to leverage technology, data, AI, open education, video games, mobility, and crowdsourcing in order to develop future-ready skills in today’s workforce. The event opened with remarks from Marco A. Suazo of the UN Institute for Training and Research, Salem Avan, and Lambert Hogenhout of the UN Office of Information and Communication Technology. After the morning panel discussion, all the participants were invited to join an afternoon workshop to collaboratively think through various solutions.

Throughout the day, I met heads of missions, ambassadors, delegates, and policymakers from around the world, including the United States, India, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Libya, Ecuador, and Mexico. It was energizing to be a part of a global community committed to effectively addressing one of the most pressing issues of our time — that of technological advances and its impact on the workforce. It truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience — hopefully, one of many yet to come as Colaberry and its platform Refactored continue to grow and empower workers worldwide.

The panel was organized by George Westerman - Principal Research Scientist at MIT Sloan Initiative on Digital Economy. My fellow panelists included Aishwarya Nadgauda - Founder of Cognitive Exchange, Evy Peña of Contratados, Tracy Tan - Director of MIT Micro Masters, and Paul Falzone - Founder of Peripheral Vision International. We are especially grateful to Fernando Montejo - Economic Prosperity Officer at MIT SOLVE, for facilitating this opportunity.





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