Refactored Declared Finalist in JFF Labs $1 Billion Wage Gain Competition

Posted on March 01, 2019 by Colaberry, Inc. .

Refactored Declared Finalist in JFF Labs $1 Billion Wage Gain Competition


Colaberry Inc is pleased to announce that our MIT SOLVE, award-winning future of work platform was named as a finalist in JFF Labs' $1 Billion Wage Gain Competition. This competition is based on the belief that wage gains are a linchpin to America’s long-term economic strength. Meaningful gains can only be achieved when business, government, and nonprofit sectors work hand in hand. is an interactive, on-demand data science and analytics career training platform. Through a learn-by-doing approach, personalized learning paths, real-time data assessments and AI-driven feedback, learners are able to immediately grasp and apply new skills at all stages of their career.’s interactive, on-demand data training platform provides a scalable solution to keep workforce skills current and relevant in the midst of rapid technological advancement. The platform offers unlimited opportunity to develop agile, adaptable talent and data-thinkers, grasp and immediately apply AI concepts and skills, and build high-performing data science teams.


refactored-jff-labs-billion-dollar-wage-gain-3JFF Labs called on innovators, educators, policymakers, and employers, such as Colaberry, to share ideas that would raise the annual wages of at least 100,000 workers by $10,000 or more before the end of 2021—a total impact of $1 billion. In this way, the challenge is intended to resemble a billion-dollar Silicon Valley “unicorn" but focuses squarely on growing the middle class.

Similar to MIT SOLVE's global competition, many organizations submitted ideas to the competition. After review by thought leaders and subject matter experts, including JFF leadership, JFF Labs selected seven finalists. These finalists will present their ideas in San Diego on April 8th at the ASU GSV X Summit, a preeminent, international conference focused on education, the workforce, and technology. offers the critical transitional steps required to seamlessly convert to an AI-powered organization. As arefactored-jff-labs-billion-dollar-wage-gain-4 team of passionate data scientists committed to making a social impact, we firmly believe that innovation and technology should bring people together; it should not create larger divides and opportunity gaps. will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed - regardless of age, race, education, income, or skill level.  

ASU GSV X Summit

  • 5000 Attendees

  • Summit Held for 10+ Years

  • APRIL 8-10, 2019 | SAN DIEGO, CA

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