Shea Mulcahy Transforms His Life: From $10/hour to Becoming a Successful Analytics Consultant

Posted on July 23, 2019 by Colaberry, Inc. .

From $10/hour to Becoming a Successful Analytics Consultant

“Colaberry alum Shea Mulcahy used his dedication to build a better life!”

Reaching our potential can at times be a long process, and facing the difficulties alone often doesn’t lead to a better life. Shea Mulcahy, along with the support of Colaberry staff and his friends and family, overcame all the odds and went from a normal job to being a successful data analyst consultant.

According to McKinsey, in the US alone, between 39 and 73 million jobs stand to be automated within the next 5 years, which is around a third of the total workforce.

Most of these jobs are being automated by robots. Read this Alumni Success Spotlight on Shea Mulcahy who got #FutureReady with new tech and data skills from Colaberry. 



Name: Shea Mulcahy

Company: Fortune 500 Financial Institution

Title/Current Position: Analytic Consultant 3

Tech Skills:  Business Analyst, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, T-SQL, Agile Methodology, SDLC,DBA training

Human Skills: Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Time Management, Communication, Collaboration, Interview Skills, Professionalism, Networking, Grit, Self-Efficacy, Self-Awareness

Salary Increase after Colaberry Training: +400%


Interview Responses:

Colaberry: How did you hear about Colaberry?

Shea: Word of mouth. A friend of mine had gone through the training earlier and let me know about the program.


What do you think people should know about you?  

Shea: I’m a very dedicated person and if I believe in something, I will give it 100%.


Was any family member(s) or support system instrumental in helping you reach your current level of success?

Shea:  I had a great support system here in Texas. A lot of my family is out of state but supported me as much as they could. I think this made a world of difference in my success.


Where did you grow up? Are you a member of any underrepresented classes in the tech world?

Shea: I grew up in New Jersey. I went to college in DC and I then moved to Texas in August 2013.


Why did you decide to enroll in Colaberry School of Data Analytics?

Shea:  I knew in order to get ahead I would have to change careers. From a bunch of research, I knew IT careers were very lucrative and salaries could represent my true potential more. This has proven to be very true as I moved into this amazing career field.


What challenges or circumstances did you have to overcome to be successful (if any) and how did Colaberry assist you in that?

Shea: I was very low on money and living paycheck to paycheck. I knew that I had to learn and finish the course as fast as I could without sacrificing knowledge. I had 3 part-time jobs at the time and had to juggle this course/workload along with that. Colaberry was very accommodating with my schedule with the classes and always encouraged me to never give up when things got tough because there was a “light” at the end of the tunnel.


Did you have a data analytics/data science background or any associated skills prior to joining Colaberry?

Shea: I took a Java class in college, but besides that I had no previous data science experience.


What training courses did you complete through Colaberry?

Shea: Data Analytics


How do you think you benefited most from Colaberry’s training?

Shea:  I became more confident in myself and my abilities. Additionally, I felt like I was able to spread that confidence through my demeanor and my speech.


Did you have any fond memories during your training experience you’d like to share?

Shea: A lot of it was making friends along the way and, as a group, achieving our main goal. Leave no person behind. It’s hard to pick one memory in particular because it was overall one giant, positive, fond memory.


In terms of current salary vs. your previous position, do you feel that Colaberry helped you to reach your goals? In what way has this improved your life?

Shea: Yes, definitely. With my new salary, I was able to pay off a sizable amount of debt ($65K) that was holding over my head and mounting. From there, it allowed me the ability to buy my first ever home. Now I’m moving to California to pursue further opportunities. None of this would be possible without the help of Colaberry.


Did you learn any “non-technical” skills (e.g. non-verbal communication, tone of voice, etc.) through Colaberry?  

Shea: I improved my overall confidence. Before the program, I was starting to lack confidence. A few of the areas I improved in were my tone of voice and hand gestures. I am now able to speak slower and to enunciate better.


How did those skills help you in the workplace/ getting a job?

Shea: I knew I had the skills, so this led to me being able to show my confidence on the outside that I felt on the inside.


Would you recommend Colaberry to others? If yes, why?Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 2.55.38 PM

Shea: Only if they were serious about changing their lives for the better. I know what it took physically and mentally in order to finish these courses, so if someone believes it will be a “cakewalk” to do this, I’d tell them to not waste their time because they are not ready.

If you are dedicated, open minded and willing to learn, then yes, I would definitely recommend. The results and my life speak for themselves. It all depends on your willingness to put in what’s required to be successful.


Would you ever consider returning to Colaberry to take more classes?

Shea: Yes, I definitely would.


What do you find most enjoyable about your current position?

Shea: I’ve been lucky to be in a position with a great manager and team. Additionally, beyond what I learned in Colaberry’s program, I am able to continue my learning in other software tools and get a lot of great, on-the-job training.


Do you have any final thoughts or advice to current and future students at Colaberry?


Current students: “Don’t give up, even when it gets hard. The end goal is completely worth it and you’ll appreciate yourself more for sticking with it.”

Future students: “Colaberry is a great opportunity for everyone to learn the ins and outs of Data Science/Analytics from people who have great experience in the fields and using all the necessary software. Everything about the school is great, and they are always looking to improve upon what they already have. This will be one of the best decisions you ever make!”

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  • Gain experience in the most powerful platforms such as, SQL, and Tableau
  • Develop the confidence and skills to successfully navigate large, complex data science projects with ease


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