Successful Colaberry Alum Jonathan Bynder Beat The Odds To Become SQL Developer

Posted on September 03, 2019 by Colaberry, Inc. .

Successful Colaberry Alum Jonathan Bynder Beat The Odds To Become a SQL Developer

 “I grew up poor, so getting into this industry through the help of Colaberry provided me the sense of security I needed.”

Workforce automation and the elimination of jobs by the thousands has increased the need for the IT industry and large enterprises to focus on finding data-literate employees and data scientists who are ready to “hit the ground running.” Colaberry has impacted more than 5000 people since its program inception but knows there are many more who need these integral skills to survive the transition to AI. 

Today we sit down with Jonathan Bynder, a Colaberry alum and current SQL Developer to discuss his experience both during and beyond Colaberry’s Data Analytics Training program. 


Name: Jonathan Bynder

Title/Current Position: SQL Developer

Salary increase after Colaberry training: 300%


Interview Responses:

Colaberry: How did you hear about Colaberry?

Jonathan Bynder: I heard about Colaberry through a coworker.


What do you think people should know about you?

I am a multifaceted individual.  I have had quite a few experiences which have shaped me into the man I am today.


Was any family member(s) or support system instrumental in helping you reach your current level of success?

I would say the Colaberry program was my beacon of light for success.  Because of the way the classes were conducted and the way the curriculum is structured, you can see the amount of care and thoughtfulness that was put into developing this program.  

I feel like the program itself was designed for people like me, who are looking for a way out but don’t know how.  The program literally felt like someone was holding me by my hand, ensuring I became a success after graduating. 


alumni-success-story-jonathan-bynder1Where did you grow up? Are you a member of any underrepresented classes in the tech world?

I grew up in Queens, NY and lived there for about 33 years.  I am the son of immigrant parents. If I had to choose, I would say I am part of a group of people who have persevered through some major life obstacles. Most of which are of no fault of our own. 


Why did you decide to enroll in Colaberry School of Data Analytics?

My coworker told me about it and pretty much said it was a can’t-miss.  At the time I was pretty miserable at my job. I viewed the data analytics program as my ticket to a better career and life. I haven’t been disappointed in my decision yet! 


What challenges or circumstances did you have to overcome to be successful (if any) and how did Colaberry assist you in that?

I had to learn to believe in myself and that I am deserving of success. My perseverance kept me afloat at the time, but I was barely hanging on.  Colaberry’s team of mentors, staff, and instructors instilled hope in me and gave me the assurance that everything was going to be okay, as long as I stuck to the program. I am here today, as a successful alumni, because I listened to their wise advice and applied myself.


Did you have a data analytics/data science background or any associated skills prior to joining Colaberry?

None whatsoever


What training courses did you complete through Colaberry?alumni-success-story-jonathan-bynder3

The data analytics program back in 2015-2016


How do you think you benefited most from Colaberry’s training?

I believe I have benefited from the Colaberry training in several ways.  The “bootcamp” accelerated style taught me how to get the most out of my study time.  The training provided me the foundation to be competent in my ability to learn and to continually build on what I already know. After years of being exposed to this style of learning, I’ve become very confident and developed this hunger to continue to learn. 


Did you have any fond memories during your training experience you’d like to share? 

I went into training with 3 other buddies of mine, 2 of which I worked with at the time.  Long story short, I was the only one out of my friends to complete the training and get a job in the BI industry. This isn’t intended to be a slight towards them.  


For one reason or another, they were probably comfortable in their individual situations.  Whereas, at the time, I felt like my back was against the wall. So completing the data analytics course and getting a job was a testament to my desire to succeed.  


In terms of current salary vs. your previous position, do you feel that Colaberry helped you to reach your goals? In what way has this improve your life? 

Absolutely. It's the most money that myself or anyone in my intermediate family has ever made.  Money doesn't solve all problems but it certainly helps. I grew up poor, so getting into this industry through the help of Colaberry provided me the sense of security I needed. Beyond the money, and perhaps just as important, is the sense of pride and value I have in myself to do the tasks required from me at my job.  For much of my life I have battled clinical major depression, as well as other mental challenges.  


Once I started the Colaberry training, I started feeling good about myself and the things I was able to do.  It has definitely carried over to my career in BI. While I still have mental bouts from time to time, the drive I have now keeps me going.   


Did you learn any “non-technical” skills (e.g. non-verbal communication, tone of voice, etc.) through Colaberry?

Colaberry helped me develop my soft skills, including my verbal and non-verbal communication.  It certainly was an area I was lacking in, and one I still try to improve today. Learning to communicate is what helped me take the next step at my places of employment.   


How did those skills help you in the workplace/ getting a job?

As someone told me at Colaberry, you can be the best developer in the world, but it isn’t worth much if you can’t explain what you are doing to the next person.  So much of this industry is being able to plan, have working sessions and meetings. A lot of that hinges on your ability to communicate. So while it was nerve wrecking and quite a “vulnerable” experience at the time at Colaberry,  it actually was very much needed for my future success. 

Would you recommend Colaberry to others? If yes, why?

I recommend Colaberry under one condition.  That you are hungry. If you don’t have that burning desire to succeed, and you are quite comfortable in your current situation, then don’t bother.  


Would you ever consider returning to Colaberry to take more classes?

I’m currently taking the Data Science course and I’m enjoying it.


What do you find most enjoyable about your current position? 

Going from working at a call center, where success is measured in stats, to working at a BI position, I find the freedom and flexibility to do my job most enjoyable.  I have developed a pretty good reputation and garnered a tremendous amount of respect from my peers. 


alumni-success-story-jonathan-bynder2Do you have any final thoughts or advice to current and future students at Colaberry?

From my experience, the first step to having success is being completely honest with ourselves, then putting ourselves in the best situation to succeed. Motivation comes and goes.  We all “would like” to do certain things, but are we disciplined enough to do what it takes to get there? Are we willing to make the necessary sacrifices? Also, I see there is this inherent fear that people have of change, or a fear of the chance of obtaining success.  

That’s why it's important to believe in ourselves and to be around like-minded people who believe in us and help promote our growth.  Unfortunately, there are some folks who don’t have that luxury of a supporting cast, and that’s okay too. You may be working long hours and taking the class while providing for your family with little to no help.  For those people I would say to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. The struggle you are enduring now won’t last forever and will inevitably pass. Keep your eyes on the prize and keep on keepin’ on. 


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